These Are Tricks For Mothers With Serious Mental Illness To Win The Child Custody

Maximize your abilities. Take advantage of all available resources. Follow parenting classes and training. Follow the community and support groups available to fellow parents with mental disorders. These efforts will enrich the ability of parenting mothers with SMI (Serious Mental Illness) while helping them to obtain moral support. Apart from that, if you’re worried about how your ex-partner takes care of your child, just hire a trusted private detective.

Documenting family routines

This suggestion might sound a bit odd. Mothers need to document parenting activities such as how mothers help children solve problems. Usually, mothers will not think of taking photos or videos on how to educate children. However, the mother needs to prevent the possibility of facing other parties in court if there is a struggle for child custody. This documentation can be evidence to convince the judge that the mother has tried to be a good parent.

Looking for strong legal assistance

Mothers need to maintain good relations with lawyers who understand mental disorders and are willing to coordinate with psychologists/psychiatrists in handling cases. The point is, of course, to help mothers defend themselves if there are parties who want to take over child custody.

Maintain good relations with family and friends

A good relationship with the surrounding people can also be additional support for mothers with SMI in carrying out parenting tasks. In addition, when a mother has to face a child custody trial, she certainly needs a witness to strengthen her argument. Good relations with family and friends can strengthen the witness’ network during the trial.

Support your child regardless of his or her current location

It doesn’t matter how far your child is from you, if you support him or her at least financially by giving her guardian support money, the court will likely see you as a very responsible parent. Furthermore, even if you’ve lost the case, and you’re still willing to give good financial support for your child, the next time your ex-partner messes things up with the child will be a good chance for you to show up and get the custody for your child, and the court will see you as a better parent for the child.

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