The Rivalry Between Ferrari And Lamborghini Is Legendary

For business product models, Ferrari is arguably richer. The company has a number of cars with two-door style, 2 + 2 Cabriolet coupes, 2 Berlinetta seats, 2 Spyder seats, and 3 shooting break doors. While Lamborghini only has a stylish 2 door Coupe product portfolio, 2 door Roadster, and 2 Spyder doors. In the meantime, if you want to rent a Ferrari or Lamborghini car, we recommend you to visit the best luxury car rental’s website.

When it comes down to the layout, Lamborghini also only has two types, namely the middle engine four-wheel drive and the middle engine rear wheel drive. Compared to Lambo, Ferrari has more engine variants, such as a rear-front front engine, a mid-front front engine, rear drive front engine, and front drive front engine.

Ferrari and Lamborghini’s cars are indeed presenting engines with savage performance. Ferrari cars usually come with a 460 horsepower (HP) engine up to 651 HP on the FF model.

The Lamborghini Aventador comes with a 700 HP engine, while the Lamborghini Gallardo carries a 550 to 570 HP engine.

Popularity and Problems Recall

According to Yahoo! Autos, Ferrari 458 Italy ranks 5th as the most popular sports car. While the production Aventador from Lamborghini is limited to only 4 thousand units. Overall, the Lamborghini Gallardo has produced 8,165 units since seven years ago.

In May 2012, many cars were pulled by Ferrari due to engine problems that suddenly stopped. Not to forget, Lamborghini also recorded a withdrawal of 1,500 Gallardo Coupes and Spyder which were produced from 2004 to 2006 due to steering oil problems that might leak and potentially burn.


The Ferrari 458 model successfully won the Best Cabrio 2012 title in the advanced version of Auto Zeitung and ‘Best Sports Car and Convertible’ from The Sunday Times in the same year. Not only that, but the Ferrari 458 also received the title of ‘Best Car Driver’ in the 2011 version of Motor Trend.

Not to be outdone by compatriots, Lamborghini also has a list of achievements, including ‘Top Gear Dream Car of the Year’ in 2006 for the Gallardo model and ‘Top Gear Car of the Year in 2009.’

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