The Difference Between Hatha And Yin Yoga

Yoga is one type of sport that is loved by many people, both men, and women. Yoga has a myriad of health benefits, one of which is to maintain a balance between body, mind, and spirit. That’s why you should try Practice yoga for health and wellbeing soon. Well, you can also get these benefits by doing Hatha yoga and Yin yoga, two types of yoga that are quite popular in the community. So, what distinguishes the two?

Here’s the explanation for you:

What is Hatha yoga?

Almost all yoga movements that you have seen include Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga means yoga is strong because this type of yoga can increase energy for yogis (as people who do yoga) through poses performed.

Compared to other types of yoga, Hatha yoga is more focused on physical movements and breathing than mental. Usually, Hatha yoga is done by combining sitting and standing positions with a slow tempo. So, you can enjoy Hatha yoga’s movements more relaxed.

What is Yin yoga?

Yin yoga is part of Hatha yoga. However, the difference lies in the poses performed.

Judging from his movements, Yin yoga poses tend to be more relaxed and passive than other types of yoga. You will spend a lot of time sitting or lying down in a comfortable position before turning to the next yoga pose.

According to Sara Gottfried, MD, a doctor from Berkeley, California, Yin yoga is very good at activating the nervous system and relieves pain and stress. Because, Yin yoga can help reduce tension in connective tissue and joints, such as the knee, ankle, pelvis, hips, and lower spine.

When you do Yin yoga, you will do a number of yoga poses and let them last for several minutes, sometimes even up to 20 minutes. This aims to give time to the muscles of your body to be more relaxed and relaxed. Yin yoga movements can help heal scars on the ligaments.