You Can Use These Tricks To Open The Car Door Without A Key

The most annoying thing for the driver is when the key is left in the car. You ask for the help of a locksmith to open the door. If you happen to be in a hurry, you may have to break the glass. These two things definitely add to the cost of repairs and also the replacement of broken glass. Do you have a contact of cardiff locksmith? However, you must know that you get a great return on investment although you must spend the amounts of money when hiring a locksmith.

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Closing car doors with keys still left in the cabin is not a rare occurrence that rarely happens. You may open the door of your car with your effort before you hire a locksmith. You can open your car door without a lock if by using these following things.

The manual key with the peg

There are several types of simple pegs that can be used, such as plastic, vinyl, and metal. You must use it to pull the door. You should create enough space to insert a thin and long metal rod to pull the locked door pin. You can also use a clothes hanger as a hook to take the locking pin and pull it.


If your car is locked or the key is lost, you can open the door using a balloon. How can you do it? You take a balloon and tuck it between the sides of the door hole. Furthermore, you blow slowly until the car door is pulled out and it is opened.


The ruler is a tool that is generally used to draw paper and other objects to flatten its size. A ruler can also help you when the car door is locked. You have to release the rubber material on the glass, then insert the ruler into the door. Indeed, this trick is a little difficult for you.