Nevada Legalizes Cannabis For Treating Sick Pets

Although cannabis has been banned in so many countries especially in the USA, there are so many people who still support the legalization of this medicinal plant for treating those who suffer from serious diseases. Furthermore, even politicians are starting to support the law which legalizes cannabis, and even they support the use of cbd oil dogs and other types of cannabis extracts for treating sick pets. Although the use of cannabis for human medical treatment is still illegal in most places, the use of cannabis for animals may bear no direct risk to human lives, and it might be the reason why it’s easier to be legalized by the government.

The Nevada Legislature introduced a new policy regarding cannabis use. If passed, the law will legalize the use of marijuana for the treatment of animals.

Democratic Senator Tick Segerblom, who supports the law, said the new policy would allow animal owners to get marijuana for their pets. However, to get it they have to get the prescription from a veterinarian stating the animal needs treatment with marijuana.

Even so, Segerblom is worried if there are some animals that might get side effects when using marijuana. But all of them need an experiment to find out.

This proposal is still in its early stages and still faces several obstacles in the legislature. If authorized, this will be part of the law regarding the use of marijuana for medical purposes in the country.

Senator Mark Menendo, who is also an animal rights activist, said he had never heard of the practice of giving marijuana to animals. He expressed concern about the safety of these animals.

Menendo once had emotional experiences with dogs. According to him, his dog died in his arms at the age of 15 years. “I don’t know whether to give marijuana to him (his dog),” Manendo said.

Meanwhile, a veterinarian in Los Angeles, Doug Kramer said that marijuana had helped treat his Siberian Husky dog. He told The Associated Press he claimed to have given marijuana to his dog who had a new tumor operation.