This Is The Difference Between Thread lift And Facelift

There are many ways to enhance your appearance with age. Among the many beauty procedures, thread lift and plastic surgery facelift are usually choices and are often compared. So, which is actually a better beauty procedure, thread lift or plastic surgery facelift? Aside from that, you may want to consult with Dr William Portuese if you wish to know more about facial plastic surgery.

Before knowing which one is better, here I give a comparison between thread lift and facelift plastic surgery seen from various aspects.


Plastic facelift surgery is a beauty procedure that is performed to reduce the signs of aging, namely sagging skin and sagging on the face. The goal is, of course, to make your face tight again. In a facelift operation, the doctor will perform surgery on several parts of the face that need treatment.

While thread lift or thread lifts are non-invasive skin care methods to help disguise the signs of facial aging by implanting special threads that can be absorbed by the body.


In terms of procedures, facelift plastic surgery is usually more complicated but has satisfactory results. Plastic facelift surgery is able to overcome cases of skin aging which are usually quite heavy and cannot be treated with other procedures including thread lift.

While thread lift can only help tighten the skin of the face with skin conditions that are not too severe. If the skin condition is too extreme, for example, very down and sagging, then the procedure for thread lifting usually cannot overcome your facial skin problems.

Recovery time

Recovery time or commonly referred to as downtime is a post-treatment skin condition. Usually, this is one consideration.

In facelift plastic surgery, the recovery period needed usually takes a long time and is more than one week. While thread lift generally takes a shorter time.

Endurance results

The facelift plastic surgery procedure has a lasting effect of around 3 to 7 years. So, you don’t need to go back and forth to the doctor to repeat the same procedure.

Unlike plastic surgery, thread-planting procedures do not provide long-lasting results. The resistance of yarn yield depends on the constituent material. Generally, thread-planting treatment procedures can last between 6 months to 2 years.