Menstruation and Digestion Affect Weight

Many things can happen during menstruation, one of which is increased body weight. The increased hormone progesterone and estradiol can make your skinny jeans feel tight. In addition, it is not uncommon for women to have more appetite during the cycle. This is because the brain sends signals to the body to consume more calories, especially when it is “swift”. Additionally, perhaps you need to check out how to lose 1 pound every week too.

In addition, weight is strongly influenced by the habit of defecating. Sometimes, weight increases because there is not much leftover food released by the body. Yup, defecation can reduce scales to one kilogram. Don’t be surprised if the weight increases when you are constipated.

Apart from these things, getting enough sleep is very important for the health of the body. During sleep, hormones in the body will experience regeneration. When the body does not get enough rest, the regeneration process will be disrupted. This is what makes hormones that can trigger appetites such as leptin and ghrelin increase. So, you will consume more food and gain weight.

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